Travel assistance workshops 2019

25 March 2019

I will be holding a travel assistance workshop on 3/04/2019 at 10.00-12.00 at RNIB Three Spires Academy. This is a brilliant opportunity for you to come along and discuss any queries or concerns you have with regards to travel assistance (whether this be in the form of a bus pass, PTB or home to school transport service).

I will be in attendance alongside my colleague from the Travel Bureau and we are able to discuss in detail, any of the following points with you:

  • Applying for travel assistance for new starters (starting in any year group)
  • Who needs to apply
  • All students moving from Year 3 to Year 4 (as the eligibility criteria changes)
  • All students moving from Year 6 to Year 7 (as it is a different site therefore will need reassessing)
  • Reapplying if you have been refused in the past
  • Discuss any queries or concerns you have with the logistics of travel i.e. drivers, escorts, routing, timings etc.
  • Our Policies and eligibility criteria
  • Our appeals process The feedback we had from last year’s sessions was very positive therefore we feel these sessions are very beneficial to both ourselves, schools and families. I look forward to meeting you at the workshop, however If you are unable to attend on the date/s above, but you do have a query you would like to raise, please email me at
  • N Bodinnar