Ofsted grades RNIB Three Spires “Good” in its first inspection

4 November 2015

In July 2015 we had our first Ofsted inspection since our school converted to an academy sponsored by RNIB Specialist Learning Trust in September 2013. We achieved a ‘Good’ rating in all areas.

Sally Harvey, chair, RNIB Specialist Learning Trust said: “I am delighted with this achievement, especially as Three Spires was placed under special measures before becoming part of RNIB two years ago.

“The rating recognises the significant improvements that have been made at the school and the great outcomes that are being achieved for our pupils.  Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved.”

Key findings

Ofsted’s ‘Good’ rating means that we are effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for all its pupils’ needs” and that “pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education.”

Below we share some highlights from the report:

Leadership and management

  • “Each pupil accesses a good quality education and there is no room for discrimination of any type. The headteacher’s vision to develop confident, happy and successful learners is shared by staff.”
  • “Therapists work in an effective partnership with education staff to develop pupils’ communication and personal skills.”
  • “The school has a good partnership with parents who say they greatly value annual reviews, also that they are listened to, and are helped to support their children’s feeding and toilet programmes at home. Parents also appreciate workshops, like how to sign with their children.”

Behaviour and safety of pupils

  • “The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils have positive attitudes to learning and in most lessons concentration is good, because pupils want to succeed.”
  • “Pupils value rewards for behaving well. On the few occasions when they do not behave well they miss ‘golden time’ at the end of the day, but this is rare because they have the opportunity to redeem their misbehaviour before arriving at this point.”
  • “Pupils say that they feel safe and happy at school. Those able to talk using words said that they have a trusted adult in school to go and share concerns. Others signed this to the inspector.”

Quality of teaching

  • “The impact of teaching on pupils’ learning over time is good. Throughout the school, the teaching of English (particularly communication) and mathematics is good, as is teaching in the early years.”
  • “Teachers’ subject knowledge and planning are good, as is their understanding of a wide range of special educational needs within their classes. This knowledge and understanding are used to good effect to help pupils to learn effectively.”
  • “Teaching assistants provide good support to pupils and work well in partnership with teachers. They understand the pupils’ needs well and respond quickly to deal with any personal issues as well as difficulties with work.”

Achievement of pupils

  • “Throughout the school, pupils make good progress in English and mathematics. Attainment is different for each pupil because of their different needs. Progress in communication (ranging from using signs and pictures through to expressive language) is good.”
  • “Supported by the primary school physical education and sport funding, pupils improve their balance, agility and co-ordination skills and this contributes to their physical fitness.”
  • “Therapy contributes to pupils’ progress. Because pupils are supported with sleep and feeding programmes at home, they are ready to learn when back in school.”

Early years provision

  • “On entry children make good progress because their needs are quickly identified and understood by staff. Consequently, support to enable the children to succeed is put in place immediately.”
  • “Children behave well. They have a very good attitude to learning and to each other and staff.”
  • “There is an effective balance of adult-led activities and those chosen by children that encourage children to investigate and think.”

To read our Ofsted report in full go to the Ofsted website or download the accessible RNIB Three Spires Academy Ofsted report (Word, 28 KB).