Free School Meals

5 July 2017

Please be advised that the government introduced free school meals automatically to children up to the end of Year 2. Once they start Year 3 the entitlement stops.  I am sending this letter to advise you of this as we have recently been made aware that the council may not inform everyone.

If your child is receiving free school meals in Year 2 but is due to move to Year 3 in September, a payment of £2.00 per day (£10.00 per week) will need to be made starting in the new term. Please send payment into school in a named envelope preferably on a weekly basis to avoid a debit balance. However, monthly is acceptable if you prefer.

If you have not already applied for free school meals and  you feel this applies to you, please complete the enclosed forms and we will forward it to the council on your behalf.

If you wish to continue having school meals, please let the office know. Until we receive notification from the council that your child is eligible for free school meals you will continue to be charged.

Thank you.