Red Class

We are a mixed Year 4 and Year 6 class of 12 pupils. We are a busy energetic and friendly class and our classroom gives us space in which we can both learn through play and more formal learning styles.

Our Class Teacher is Carol Collins and the Teaching Assistants are Mandy,  Elaine (Mon-Wed), Carolyn (Mon-Thu), Sharon (Thu-Fri) and Tracy (Fri)

All our staff are here to help students to learn the routines of a busy learning environment as well as ensure they all make the very best progress they can.We encourage the children to be as  independent as they can and gain vital skills for independent living.


How we learn

The curriculum in our class is differentiated so that all pupils can access  the National Curriculum. The majority of our lessons include a practical aspect to ensure the children get the opportunity to embed their learning through hands on experience.

To support us to make the very best progress we work hard to:

  • Improve our listening through circle games
  • Improve our concentration and turn taking
  • Learn how to get along together
  • Work more independently


To help with our routine and behaviour we have a set of classroom rules.

Our classroom rules are:

  • We are helpful
  • We are Kind
  • We work hard


We have a very busy half term

In geography we are studying the continent of Europe. We are going to leant about three different countries, Italy, Iceland and Greece. We will make leaning towers of Pisa and will make and eat pizza. We will learn about the Northern lights and complete paintings of these and learn about the climate in Iceland. We will sample Greek food and learn Zorba’s dance

In science we are learning about electricity. We will identify sources of electricity and will learn how to operate battery and switch operated toys, we will learn about simple circuits.

Our art focus is different crafts. We will make clay animals, sand pictures, design wrapping paper, make photo frames and make a Christmas bauble for our Christmas tree.

In DT we will design and make a gift.

We are learning to recognise emotions in PHSE

In RE we are learning how people express their faith through art. We will explore the use of music, art and stories.

We are very lucky to be taught music by and experienced music teacher called Steven and this half term will be taught PE by players from Coventry Blaze hockey team. We will also have the opportunity to go ice skating as part of our PE lessons.