Purple class

This year, Purple class welcome 7 young people, aged 8-10 years old.  All with different and complex learning needs. Our class teacher is Isabelle Jones and the Teaching Assistants are Angela  and Sian.

Our classroom is structured in a way so the young people   learn and progress aiming to become as confident and  independent as possible.


Support for learning

We favour a Total Communication Environment (TCE) to support the individual language needs in our group by using a language rich environment supplemented by:

  •  Makaton signing;
  • PECS;
  • Visual timetables and schedules for our work;
  • Listening to music cues to support our transition from one activity to the next;
  • Using workstations to encourage us to be independent learners and develop concentration skills.

    Sensory circuits

    All our young people have sensory needs which means that on a daily basis and throughout the day, sensory breaks and activities take place. These can be ‘alerting, organising or calming’, for example: active dancing (we love ‘Activate’), bouncing on therapy balls, going on power walks with backpacks, exercising at the trim trail and outdoor gym, relaxation and yoga, working on our bilateral coordination.

    Keeping on track

To help with our routine and behaviour we have a set of classroom rules.

Our classroom rules are:

  •  Good Looking
  •  Good Listening
  •  Good Sitting
  •  Good Signing
  •  Good Talking

The young people also respond well to choosing time at the end of the day as part of Golden time so it works as an incentive to keep up the good work all day long.

Progress Check

Our Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are written to break down any barriers to learning that we have and these are included into daily life in Purple class.

Our Curricular Work

The learners in Purple class are either in Year 4 or 5 so we are working on themes related to their year, at Key Stage 2 level. Our complex needs curriculum is based on ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ which means it is embeds wellbeing, independent living skills, sensory needs as well as academic subjects.

We feel very fortunate to be able to take part in extra-curricular activities such as: sensory dancing/movement interaction, music therapy, Rebound therapy and look forward to resuming swimming, active PE with the Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey team and horse riding once we have all settled in.


Is an integral part of our learning too and is issued daily (reading at home), weekly (weekend news to share on Mondays), termly with a homework grid issued the first week of every term. Homework that is handed in is then mark according to the school marking scheme ‘2 stars and 1 wish’ so the learner can make adjustment for his next piece of homework.

School Home Communication

Each young person has a diary that travels between home and school daily with messages and important information provided by the school. As a team, we value parental input and strongly encourage parents to write us a little note so we can be aware of important information before the school day starts.

We also send a letter home every Friday, detailing the activities each young person has been involved in that particular week, along with photographs.