Pink Class

We warmly welcome you  to Pink Class where we have 8 pupils. The Class Teacher is Jenii and Teaching Assistants are Maria, Reanne and Carrie.

Our curriculum at key stage 1

Learners follow our semi-formal curriculum, which is delivered primarily through a thematic based approach. Thematic learning is a holistic, integrated teaching approach that promotes wider coverage of the curriculum through variety of interconnected activities. The curriculum is designed to be fun, engaging practical and meaningful and matched to pupil learning and developmental needs. designed to support learners for whom subject base learning would not be appropriate.

The curriculum is composed of 5 main areas including Maths and English

Communication and Interaction

Thinking and Problem solving

Social and Emotional

Sensory and Physical

Skills for Life

Supporting our learning

Our Total Communication Environment (TCE) approach supports the individual language needs in our group by using a language rich environment supplemented by:

  • Makaton Signing :
  • PECS;
  • Visual timetables and schedules for our work;
  • Listen to music cues to support our transition from 1 activity to the next:
  • Using work stations to encourage us to be independent learners and develop concentration skills.

Sensory Input

Our young people have sensory needs so on a  through out the day, sensory breaks and sensory activities take place. these can be ‘alerting, organising or calming’ depending on what is required at the time to engage in the learning in a successful way.

Keeping on track

To help with our routines and behaviour we have a set of simple classroom rules:

  • Good Looking
  • Good Listening
  • Good sitting
  • Good signing
  • Good Talking

Progress Check

Our Individual Education Plans(IEPs) are written to break down any barriers to learning that we may have these are included into daily life in Pink class


This is an integral part of our learning and is issued daily(reading at home),weekly(weekend news to share on Mondays), termly using our Purple Mash online programme..

Homework that is handed in is marked according to the school marking scheme’2 stars and 1 wish’ so each learner can make adjustment for the next piece of homework.

School and  home Communication

Each young person has a diary that travels between home and school daily messages and important information provided by the school. As a team, we value parental input and strongly encourage parents to write us a little note so we can be aware of important information before the school day starts.

We also supply ‘WOW’ vouchers for parents to fill in when their child has done something AMAZING at home. Please return to us so we can share the achievements in class.

We send a ‘letter home’ every Friday, detailing the activities each young person has been involved in that particular week, along with photographs.