Orange class

Orange Class has 7 pupils, all with different and complex learning needs. Our Class Teacher is Clare, the Teaching Assistants are  Penny, Mangala and Sharon.

The staff help pupils to learn the routines of a busy learning environment to ensure they all make the very best progress they can.

Our classroom rules are:

  • Good Looking
  • Good Listening
  • Good Sitting
  • Good Signing
  • Good Communication

Our Curriculum

Learners follow our semi-formal curriculum, which is delivered primarily through a thematic based approach. Thematic learning is a holistic, integrated teaching approach that promotes wider coverage of the curriculum through variety of interconnected activities. The curriculum is designed to be fun, engaging practical and meaningful and matched to pupil learning and developmental needs. designed to support learners for whom subject base learning would not be appropriate.

The curriculum is composed of 5 main areas including

Maths and English

Communication and Interaction

Thinking and Problem solving

Social and Emotional

Sensory and Physical

Skills for Life

How we learn and communicate

The curriculum in our class is differentiated so that all pupils learn. Their lessons are planned to challenge their mind, body and soul.

In Orange Class we communicate in a variety of ways including use of objects of reference, symbols, Makaton signing, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs) and speech. This means that we develop ways to express ourselves and communicate our needs so that we can be more confident and independent learners.

Our classroom is designed so that we use structured learning principles to support us. This often involves us:

  • Following schedules for our work
  • Listening to music cues to support our transition from one activity to the next
  • Using workstations to encourage us to be independent learners and develop concentration skills
  • Using behaviour support boards to help us understand what we need to do to achieve

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are well embedded in our classroom and help us to break down our barriers to learning. We all try hard to meet our IEP targets!

Some of us have extra support to help our learning from occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.