Gold class

Gold class has 12 children, all with different and complex learning needs. Our Class Teacher is Jade. The Teaching Assistants are Juliette, Nicky and Sian.

Staff help and support pupils to make the very best progress and follow our rules which help us access learning. Our rules are:

  • good working
  • good looking
  • good signing
  • good sitting.

How we learn and communicate

We work hard both in class and out, learning in lots of different ways, using a Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic approach to teaching. We follow the National Curriculum and P scales which is differentiated to enable us to learn in a way that best suits us.

In Gold Class we communicate in a variety of ways including use of objects of reference, symbols, Makaton signing, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECs) and speech. This means that we develop ways to express ourselves and communicate our needs so that we can be more confident and independent learners.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are well embedded in our classroom and help us to break down our barriers to learning.

Some of us have extra support to help our learning from occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and nurses.


We follow the Read Write Inc Phonics Programme to improve our speech, reading and spelling.

Our daily English lessons are taught covering a variety of texts, fiction, non fiction and poetry.


We follow the ‘Special Maths’ curriculum to support our children’s learning needs. Alongside this curriculum we use Numicom to support the consolidation of number and calculation.