Community at Three Spires

DSC_8353Therapy and support services

Three Spires receives help from a number of professionals on a practical and consultative level:

  • Speech and Language Therapists provide assessment of pupils and advice to class teams on programmes  and strategies which can be implemented to support the development of language.
  • The Occupational Therapist assesses the children for seating and also advise staff on activities for those children with perceptual difficulties. The Occupational Therapist can also advise on developing feeding skills and toileting.
  • Teachers from the Visual Impairment Service and the Hearing Impairment Service visit the school  to assess individual pupils and to advise staff.
  • Educational psychologists also work with us following referral, to promote the education, personal and social development of our pupils.


Most children travel to and from school on transport provided by the Local Authority (LA). This transport is contracted to bring the children to school by the times specified for each site. All vehicles should be equipped with seat belts and child seats (for specific children).To contact the transport department of the LA please telephone 024 7683 1555.

The school has no input or responsibility in terms of organising the route for transport.

This is organised by the contractor and is based on the way which will give the most effective value for taxpayers money. Pick up and drop off time may well change from year-to-year as children leave the school and routes need to be reorganized.

Minibuses are required to wait for a period of up to 3 minutes to collect a pupil. Bus escorts are not allowed to text homes nor leave the bus, so it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure children are ready for collection and to bring them to and from the school bus.

It is not possible to change collection or drop off address at short notice as applications for this must go to the local authority.  Bus escorts will only release pupils to a known adult. If you cannot be home and have made alternative arrangements, you must telephone the school in advance and we will take you through what is required.

If at the end of a school day a pupil is displaying behaviours which will mean that they are unsafe to travel, we will telephone you to come into school to collect your son/daughter.  We cannot accept responsibility for making alternative arrangements to bring a child home who has not been able to travel on a minibus.

Positive Partnership with Parents

At Three Spires positive partnership with parents is very important. However, it is important that this relationship is always professional and courteous. Please refer to our Parental Behaviour policy which aims to ensure that this is always maintained.

Family support worker

Carole Quinney is our school family support worker.

You can contact Carole through the school office or email her at

Carole works 3 days so if you don’t get an immediate response please be patient.

Medical services

The school nurse  is Chris Heseltine.

Chris Heseltine is not school based but can be contacted on 02476961418 or


Our Community Partner

We are delighted that  we have been chosen by Coventry Building Society as a Community Partner for the next two years. We will be working closely with the Society on a number of projects as well as inviting our partners into school to assist in whole school events such as our ‘sports afternoon and other volunteering work. This is a really exciting venture for us as a school and we are honored to have been selected by Coventry Building Society. We will keep you updated through our News Section.


Coventry Food Bank

Families who are in need and require support from the Food Bank can now come into school and see our family support worker Carole Quinney.

You can come into school and meet with Carole who will gather all the information needed to see if you are eligible for Carole  to sign and issue you with a voucher.

The voucher can then be taken to the Food Bank within 3 days where they will check all the criteria and may exchange the voucher for some food items.

Carole Quinney

Family Support Worker

RNIB Three Spires


The Blaze Community Foundation runs alongside Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Club providing community work and sporting opportunities to children and young adults of all abilities within the Coventry and Warwickshire area. There aim is to promote not just ice hockey, but sport in general. They work closely with several organisations throughout Coventry and Warwickshire to help improve participation levels across all sports and give many children the opportunity to try sports such as ice hockey.

Coventry blaze School partnership(click link)