Admissions criteria

RNIB Three Spires Academy caters for pupils aged 4-11 with moderate or severe learning difficulties Many of our pupils have co-existing special needs including autism, communication and language difficulties and sensory impairments.

Admissions process

In order to attend Three Spires, children should have had their special educational needs (SEN) assessed by their local authority.

For children living in Coventry, please contact the Coventry City Council SEN and Inclusion Support Services team in the first instance.

For children living outside of Coventry, please get in touch with Rob Jones, Headteacher.

To view RNIB Three Spires Admissions Policy please click here.(178 KB)

Visit us

Parents: if you are interested in learning more about RNIB Three Spires Academy, we would be delighted to welcome you for a visit to our school.  Please note that any visit is only to learn more about the school.  An application for a place at the school is made through Coventry SEN and Inclusion Support Services in all instances.

Schools: please liaise directly with Coventry SEN and Inclusion Support Services team if you believe that there is a pupil at your school who might be suitable for a placement at RNIB Three Spires Academy.