Policies and funding

Here is an overview of our key policies and procedures that inform our practice. For more details and to find out about our full range of policies, please get in touch.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy and disability provision

All pupils who attend RNIB Three Spires Academy have Statements of Special Educational Needs or Educational health and care plans.  These  are reviewed at the Annual Educational Review meetings for each individual child.

A copy of the SEN policy is available to download.

All local authorities are now required to provide parents with details of the educational provisions which are available to children and young people with SEN. Find out more about Coventry City Council’s local offer.

Read more about Education and learning.

Equal opportunities and inclusion

We aim to provide every child at Three Spires with the same opportunities; no child is discriminated against because of religion, race, gender, ability or background.

Resources are chosen with care in order to avoid stereotyping and to offer an environment that reflects the diversity of our multi-cultural society. Children are encouraged to respect one another and to value and celebrate our differences. We will offer opportunities to learn about different religions and cultures.

Any form of victimisation will not be tolerated.

Admissions Policy

For full details of the process of applying for a place at RNIB Three Spires Academy, please visit our Admissions Webpage.

Download the word version of our  admissions policy (word, 201 KB)

Download the Word version of our attendance policy (Word, 174 KB).

Behaviour policy

We aim to provide a caring and friendly environment so that every child can reach her/his full potential. We encourage everyone at Three Spires, children and adults, to be polite, kind and helpful and to show respect for other people and their property. We reinforce these values through praise, encouragement and recognition of achievement.

Download  RNIB Three Spires behaviour  policy (word,203KB).


The safety and protection of children attending Three Spires is our key priority. We follow the local Coventry City Council ‘Safeguarding Children’ procedures and our Safeguarding policy is developed in close cooperation with the Local Authority. Our school is committed to ensuring everything is done to provide Early Help as soon as it is needed.  We also follow RNIB group safeguarding  policies as labelled below.

Download RNIB recognising and responding to child abuse (word 127KB).

 Download RNIB safeguarding policy (Word  204 KB).

Download RNIB safeguarding prevention standards policy(word 122  KB).


If we feel a child is at risk, then it is our duty to inform the relevant authorities whose responsibility it is to conduct further investigations.

Health and safety

The health and safety of children, staff, volunteers and visitors is of paramount importance. Our main objective is to minimise accidents and ill health by identifying all significant risks and eliminating or reducing them to the lowest level reasonably practicable.

To ensure we meet our commitments, we undertake to monitor and review our health and safety performance and take action where necessary.

Pupil sickness

We ask that pupils who are vomiting and/or have diarrhoea do not attend school for 48 hours after all the symptoms have gone. For example, your child may attend school 48 hours after the last incident of being sick. This is in line with guidance from NHS and Public Health England.

Download our pupil illness policy (Word, 2,057 KB).

Exceptional time out of school policy

Regular attendance at school is very important if your child is able to achieve his or her potential. However, we understand there may be times when you are considering taking your child out of school during term time under exceptional circumstances.

Download our Exceptional time out of school policy (Word 96KB)


At RNIB Three Spires Academy, we aim to ensure that children receive their full entitlement to teaching and learning opportunities by maximum possible attendance and punctuality.

Download our attendance policy (Word, 174 KB).

PE and sports grant 2017

Find out what we spent the PE and sports grant 2017-18  (Word, 1079 KB) on to improve the quality of our PE and sport activities for our pupils.

Transport arrangements

Most children travel to and from school on transport provided by the Local Authority (LA). This transport is contracted to bring the children to school by the times specified for each site. All vehicles should be equipped with seat belts and child seats (for specific children).To contact the transport department of the LA please telephone 024 7683 1555.

DSC_8607Charging and remissions

We want all our students to have an equal opportunity to benefit from school activities, both off and on site, within and outside the curriculum, regardless of their family’s financial means or the child’s residential status. We endeavour to keep costs for trips and school activities to a minimum and no child will be excluded because they are unable to contribute. However trips may not go ahead if they are not financially viable.

Download our charging policy (Word, 171 KB).


There is a uniform for Three Spires pupils which will include a new logo on some items. Items with the logo include:

  • white polo shirt with colour logo
  • navy blue sweatshirt with white logo
  • navy blue PE t-shirt with white logo
  • navy blue PE kit drawstring bag with white logo
  • navy blue book bag with logo.

To order branded uniform please complete and return our uniform order form to threespires@rnib.org.uk.

Parents and carers are required to source and pay for the following uniform that does not include our logo:

  • White shirt or blouse
  • Black or charcoal trousers, skirts or shorts
  • Black shoes

We also ask that you provide wellington boots and warm, waterproof clothing for outdoor activities.

RNIB is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.

Download our privacy-statement-2016 (Word, 2,099 KB).

Specialist Learning Trust Accounts

To access RNIB Specialist Learning Trust’s Accounts please download below:

Download the PDF version of our Value for money statement 2017(2947KB PDF)

Download the PDF version of our Value for money statement 2016 (PDF 1,593KB)

Download the PDF version of our Value for Money Statement 2014 (PDF, 101 KB)

To access RNIB Specialist Learning Trust’s accounts please download the document below:

RNIB Specialist Learning Trust Accounts (PDF, 1,044 KB).

Download our accessible Word version  Value for money statement 2015(Word, 93 KB).

Use of images

We will use children’s images and stories only in line with parental agreement as given in our CYP_photo_video_consent form. Images that might cause embarrassment or distress will not be used. If we would like to use your child’s image or story in a way that is not clearly covered by this form, we will contact parents and guardians to get specific permission to do this. We also ask all parents and guardians to be sensitive to others when taking photos or videos of their child at academy events and to agree to appropriate use.

Photography or filming will only take place with the permission of the Headteacher and under appropriate supervision. Children will only be named if there is a particular reason to do so, in line with consent given, and home addresses will never be given out. Full details of our commitment to appropriate image and story use are available in this form.


All members of the school community have a right to complain about the education provided for children at Three Spires. We take complaints seriously and endeavour to find a resolution as quickly as possible.

Should a complaint arrive we would always advise those with the complaint to approach the child’s class teacher in the first instance. Should this not solve the complaint, further contact can be made through the Headteacher.

Download our complaints procedure (Word, 261 KB).